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Registration for the event Jan 15-18, 2023

Digital.Davos has established itself over the past 4 years as one of the most relevant backchannel events held in Davos.  The most influential figures in politics, industry, science and other fields collaborate to create new opportunities via  Digital-Davos, an independent community fostering innovation. 


Prompt expansion of economic security and safeguard physical needs in the face of geopolitical instability. 

Mapping the global attitude system and underlying factors 

Presentation of cutting-edge, global solutions to provide immediate and lasting economic stability

Space is the last frontier that can help to combat economic instability in the midst of global turmoil

Solutions to recenter the global climate crisis despite of geopolitical instability  

Development of AI and ML in medicine: risks and opportunities  

Opportunities like meta verse to serve as a unifying force

Women who are creating the real economic security in the face of geopolitical instability

Contributions from sport, entertainment, and press


Solutions based on blockchain to combat geopolitical unrest

Technologies and initiatives to establish diversified supply chains will help to revive the economy

Growth of crypto what can be accomplished

Biobanking and biomolecular research 

In the context of geopolitical unrest, new VC tactics

Technologies and tactics to discourage corruption and advance morality



Due to limited space, applications will be highly selective and will be reviewed within 3 days

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