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LinkedIn registration for attendees 

How we will use your data

Super and content admins of a LinkedIn Page can use registration forms that are pre-filled with LinkedIn profile information to gather leads from Events that they are holding.
The organizer (super or content admin) asks participants to fill out a registration form with their first and last names, email addresses, jobs, employers, and countries or regions when launching an event as a Page. To participate in the Event in this instance, the registration form must be submitted.
The collected profile information is available to organizers by downloading it from the Manage participants section of their Event. These specifics give attendees pertinent information. Members who have not checked the consent box on the registration form should not get emails about their items from organizers.
When a member clicks the Register button on an event, a pre-populated form containing their name and email addresses from their LinkedIn profile information appears. Members can now register for the event without having to manually enter in all of the required information. Members may further choose to let the organizer to send them promotional or marketing emails by checking the appropriate box on the registration form.

The data will not be used for any other purpose than to inform participants of the event

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